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Welcome to the site of Robert Hayden Cooke. Before browsing the links above, please consider the phenomenon captured in this image.

This is my favorite picture. Smelling flowers is nice, but I'd rather stop and enjoy the significance of our dynamic space time system that we are so lucky to be.

Some words that can be attributed to this picture: Paradigm. Gravity. Surface tension. Time. Thermodynamics. Radiance. Energy. Motion. Mass. Light. Waves. Dichotomy. Life. Bacteria. Ecosystem. Philosophy. Perspective. Reflection. Stability. Nature. Symmetry. Status. Provoke. React. Temporary. Imperfection. Perfection. Sphere. Plain. Mass. Volume. Dimension. Entropy. Exhaustion. Axiomatic. Liquid. Gas. Incidental. Critical. Direction. Convergence. Equilibrium...

My strongest associative word is humility in that with proper fidelity this image beholds more information than the culmination of humanity.