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      Name: Tilt
    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 06:20
 Frequency: 133 bpm
      Date: 2008.06.07

A dab of london house

      Name: Signal
    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 09:55
 Frequency: 122 bpm
      Date: 2008.05.28

Distorted Electronica

      Name: Electronical
    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 05:04
 Frequency: 131 bpm
      Date: 2008.04.26

Break beat style.

      Name: 80s
    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 04:40
 Frequency: 120 bpm
      Date: 2008.04.12

Simple throw back to the 80s. Crisp, punchy electric base.

      Name: Life
    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 10:37
 Frequency: Varies
      Date: 2008.04.11

An Anthem of styles & tempos. Emotions over time

      Name:In Africa
    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 02:44
 Frequency: 117 bpm
      Date: 2008.04.18

Dark off-key interlude.

      Name: Groove On This
    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 10:50
 Frequency: 140 bpm
      Date: 2008.03.29

Fast paced pogressive dance. Touch of trance with a nice drawn out breakdown

    Author: Robert Cooke
  Duration: 4:47
 Frequency: 134 bpm
      Date: 2008.04.05

Dark after-party mix with an ominous breakdown.